As a theatre artist I am motivated by the possibility of affecting one another through exchanges that engage, challenge, and ask something of all who participate. I want to create work that leaves a mark on the hearts and minds of those who are present.  Through interdisciplinary sleuthing and self-reflection, I have adopted a strategy through which I can anchor my aesthetic idealism;  it is what theologian Romano Guardini describes as Encounter:  “an amazing meeting with the reality of the Other….where one is touched by the essence of the opposite”.  I have embraced Encounter as a guiding artistic vision with which I can address the alienation I experience in both the actor/audience configuration, and as an artist in the creative making of the work.  Encounter is a word that is vast enough for my idealism and specific enough for my practice.  

My research interests have centered around the following questions:

What does Encounter look like in my practice?  

How do I engage with reflexive dramaturgy? (a dramaturgy that not only contemplates the world of the play, but the shared space of the theatre) 

How do I consider, embrace, maximize the live relationship, not only with the audience in performance, but with the co-creators in the work?  

Photos:  Christine Brubaker